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Fri, 28 Jul | Singapore

Pre-Launch Event Singapore

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28 Jul, 3:30 pm

Event Overview

Crown Asia Asian E-commerce Livestreaming Contest 
Singapore Pre-Launch Event
Igniting Innovation in Southeast Asian E-commerce

The Crown Asia Asian E-commerce Livestreaming Contest Singapore Regional Launch, co-organized by France’s Fashion TV, X-Pay, Singapore Ads Venture Group, Singapore Yi Zhan, Huan Cheng Chu Hai Industrial Incubation Base, and Strange Universe Technology, was held grandly on July 28th. The event joined forces with MCC land’s subsidiary, M.SPACO, which was selected as one of the livestreaming bases in Singapore. This annual contest garnered enthusiastic participation from numerous internet celebrities and merchants. As of the launch day, a total of 5000+ internet celebrities and 500+ merchants from Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and Dubai, among other 11 Southeast Asian countries, registered for the event.

Singapore, as the host region of the event, invited representatives from various brands and internet celebrities to attend. Participating cooperation partners included M.SPACO, Strange Universe Technology, Huan Cheng Chu Hai Industrial Incubation Base, SHOPMATIC, and several other renowned brands such as YUXIANGYSN, NO.1 SG, JF EDUCATION, Keep Drinking, Aimo Haute Jewelry, VESIDERM, THE FONZ-LE CHARME, OJESH, HEBELOFT, Holder Bra, and LafloriaN. Additionally, several internet celebrities from different social media platforms also took part. Distinguished guests delivered keynote speeches, engaged in specialized discussions, exhibited products, and engaged in business negotiations, as well as showcasing personal content in various activities. They delved deep into the opportunities and challenges in the e-commerce industry in the Asia-Pacific region and shared their successful experiences and insights in global market competition.

The vision of the Crown Asia Asian E-commerce Livestreaming Contest is to create an integrated digital platform that stimulates demand from diverse businesses such as catering, tourism, shopping, and beauty, harnessing the potential of online celebrities in Asia, connecting merchants, influencers, and consumers through multiple channels and entry points, and maximizing traffic monetization and sales conversion. The contest’s mission is to offer users an all-in-one online and offline platform experience, providing internet celebrities with a stage for global exposure, and furnishing merchants with a diverse channel for attracting traffic and generating revenue. Crown Asia aims to become a multimedia service platform that genuinely realizes low-cost marketing testing for products, high-quality brand exposure, and conversion.

Recently, the resounding success of the Crown Asia Asian E-commerce Livestreaming Contest Singapore Regional Launch has injected fresh vitality and innovation into the e-commerce industry in Southeast Asia. Participants and guests engaged in exploring the paths of digital innovation and global market expansion, strengthening cooperation and exchanges among themselves, laying a solid foundation for the multinational development and sustained growth of the e-commerce industry in the region.

For more information, please visit the official website: www.crownasia.net
Contact Email: support@crownasia2023.com

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