2024 · Marina Bay Singapore

Sat, 27 May | Tokyo

Pre-Launch Event Japan

Time & Location

27 May, 7:00 pm

Event Overview

CrownAsia, renowned as the most significant E-commerce Convention in Asia, made history by orchestrating its inaugural offline event and networking conference in the vibrant city of Tokyo, Japan. Collaborating seamlessly with our valued sponsor, the NFTv.social team, we successfully brought this extraordinary event to life on the 27th of May.

This remarkable gathering featured an array of activities, including an engaging ribbon-cutting ceremony and insightful speeches that shed light on the rules and particulars of the CrownAsia competition. Amidst the excitement, we also curated a special lucky draw segment, adding an element of anticipation and surprise to the event.

A pivotal driving force behind this remarkable occasion is our esteemed partner, NFTv.social. Their cutting-edge Web 3.0 technology infusion into the realm of e-commerce concepts has enriched the CrownAsia experience, underscoring our commitment to embracing the forefront of innovation.

Beyond this event, CrownAsia stands as an exceptional series of happenings leading up to the grand awarding ceremony and e-commerce conference set to take place in November 2023. This platform serves as an inspirational launchpad for influencers spanning the domains of beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle, transcending cultural and background differences. Our vision is to empower these influencers to transcend boundaries and serve as not just role models, but as living inspirations to their followers and enthusiasts across the globe.

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