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We’ve teamed up with showrooms, event spaces, and studios in 11 Asian countries to provide versatile live stream studios. These studios are ideal for brands and streamers looking to effectively engage their audience through live streaming or offline events. Our impressive studio spans a massive 100,000 square feet and serves both B2C and B2B live streaming requirements.

Featured Venues


Founded by MCC Singapore, a reputable real estate developer, M.SPACO offers a pioneering concept of Visionary Living, through its exceptional technical and engineering capabilities and its in-house fitting and design team.
Location: 01-66 Poiz Centre, 51 Upper Serangoon Rd, 347697


BlueStudio serves as an exceptional venue for live performances, boasting a comprehensive array of top-tier audio equipment tailored for seamless live streaming. It stands as an optimal choice when seeking an impeccable setting for your live streaming endeavors.


Spring Forest Studio is a leading Live Streaming Service Provider in Singapore, offering affordable rates and high-quality services. Our experienced producers and IT professionals specialize in live event coverage, webinar production, streaming design, 3D engine operation, and graphic design. With our creative designs tailored to any occasion, we ensure a successful event day.
Location: 2 Gambas Cres, NordCom2, #09-32/33, Lobby 2, Singapore 757044


The world’s biggest brands unite at Southeast Asia’s largest pop-culture experience store, where design and imagination collide to push the very boundaries of collecting. Occupying 19,000 square feet across one floor of Kitchener Complex, the XM Store boasts a premium lifestyle experience with over 300 premium collectibles in one location.

Location: 809 03-31 French Road Kitchener Complex, S200809

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